EED Favorite Finds of the Year…So Far

Since it’s half way through the year already (I am still in denial) it’s about time to sum up our favorite finds from 2015 so far! We asked each of the designers here at Elizabeth Erin Designs to give us a few of their own favorites!


Jodi :

I absolutely LOVE this chair and ottoman upcycled by Repinned for one of their clients. The navy buttons and piping add so much charm!

jodi 1

I also love the versatility of this Haley Armless Chair from Bernhardt Interiors, that we carry. It comes with many fabric options which adds to the versatility, but with the metal finish, you could go with an industrial or modern look in an instant!

jodi 2

Hickory Ridge Customs Furniture is a local business and specializes in reclaimed products. Here is an example of a planter box 18×18 that they did for a custom of ours. They came out spectacular!

jodi 3

Andrus :

A gabion “is a cage, cylinder, or box filled with rocks, concrete, or sometimes sand and soil for use in civil engineering”. Interior Designers and Architects have taken this speedy construction technique and turned it into a novel and unique wall look. This year was the first time I saw gabions used in this way and I was instantly a fan. I’ve always loved repurposing materials and using process in different and out of the box ways. Also the deconstructed style is very high end industrial which is right up my alley.

andrus2 andrus1

Flix Brewhouse is a Theater & Restaurant combo that recently opened in the Merle Hay Mall. It is a really fun experience and is one time where you don’t need to fell bad about having the tv on during dinner time.

andrus 3 andrus 4

Stromae is a French musician with a number of alternative/pop albums. I was introduced to him by a friend this year, and I was immediately hooked. He has strong artistic sensibilities and isn’t scared to push boundaries. A little bit of trivia on Stromae is that the name is the word “Maestro” with the first syllable moved to the back and is pronounced strōmī. All songs are in french, but they are perfect for having on in the background for a run or a work out because they all have an uptempo and steady beat.

andrus 5


Jordin :

Recessed LED lights with wireless Bluetooth speakers! No, not a brand new find but still a favorite – I was just reminded of how neat of a product this was while at the Ames Home Builder’s Parade of Homes.

jordin 1

Exterior fabric and new exterior furniture! Our new exterior lines have given us many more options for sunrooms and the ability to finally have custom exterior furniture!

jordin 2

I can’t forget all of the fun finds from the Vegas Market! I fell in love with the mid-century modern lines at the show! And I’ll never forget the show room that was able to bring tractor tires in as a decorative item.

jordin 3

Lexi :

My first find includes the color of the year, marsala. In my personal opinion, I would never put this color anywhere in my home except for one place! My lips. This color makes a great lipstick but I haven’t found much use for it in decorating my own place.

lexi 1

My second favorite find is not a new find by any means; however, in the more recent years many more companies have been bringing back the shag rugs. I adore a simplistic color schemes and using multiple textures to add the wow factor to my home.

lexi 2

My last favorite find this year is the app Wunderlist. This helps me SO much in every aspect of my life. I’m a very organized person and oddly enough love making lists (is that weird?). This app has helped me keep track of so many things in my life from personal events, planning my workouts, keeping my grocery list, keeping a master list of things I need to do at work throughout the day, and much more. I would definitely recommend this app to everyone! It has a million and one uses and makes life a little easier.

lexi 3