Father's Day Quickly Approaching

Father’s Day is soon approaching and we are all grumbling here about what to get our fathers this year, as I’m sure many of you are. We have been searching our minds and the internet to find the perfect gift. While we may have not found the right fit for our fathers, we did come across a few things that really wowed us!

First, we found a few really cool items that will be sure to compliment your father’s taste in drinks. The first item are these really cool cubes that can be frozen and used to replace ice. What a great replacement and innovative way to avoid watering down a drink! To go hand in hand with the frozen cubes, these great products are perfect for glass bottled beer. Sometimes, koozies aren’t enough to keep a drink cool in the summer months. This product utilizes the same concept as the cubes but is functional for bottles. Fantastic! Speaking of glass bottles, the third drink related gift is this cute, um I mean manly, bottle opener for your father. This is great for a man that entertains outside quite a lot. This provides guests with a way to open their beers and keep bottle caps organized for easy disposal. The last drink related gift are these great stone shot glasses. They’re bound to spark some conversation and they look absolutely stunning! A great way to clean up your father’s style and still allowing him to keep his manly design appearance.


Next we came across some really interesting gifts/products for a father who enjoys his ties. This first gift is rather pricey but such a cool way to store ties. This motorized tie rack is a great way to display ties and save closet space too. The second gift is a fun DIY project that utilizes your father’s old ties he doesn’t like or use anymore. This picture shows a fun way to turn a tie into glasses holders but there are so many things you can do with old ties.

dad6 dad5

Lastly, what father doesn’t love his vehicle? This gift is rather pricey but well worth it! This handy little gadget plugs into his car and pairs with a mobile app that join the two together. He will be able to see all the details of his car on his phone – like distance, time, and MPG. It also helps identify mechanical problems and allows you to be aware of how you are driving. This is a really great gift to add to the longevity of a vehicle!