Frozen Temperatures = Frozen Themes

Disney’s Frozen has taken over the media and many of our hearts, now it’s starting to take over our homes and we couldn’t be more excited. There are so many innovative and, quite frankly, adorable ways to incorporate this theme into our homes. Let’s be honest, most of us wish we could incorporate Elsa into the design of all of our rooms, but we will just focus on the younger population of our homes for now. 😉

frozen 3 frozen 2

This room seen above features a wonderfully detailed mural of Arendelle. We love this idea because it could be done by a professional painting company or by the whole family! We all know how the little ones love to help out and what better way by helping decorate their own room.

frozen 1

This room features a fun twist on bunk beds by eliminating the danger by having both beds on the floor with a play area on top. The Frozen themes are less empowering in this room. We definitely enjoy the subtle use of the theme, as seen in the toys and bedding. The designer’s use of cool blue tones on the walls and the ceiling as well, really add to the feeling of a frozen theme. This allows the user to feel completely submersed in the theme. So, whether you go for an over the top mural or subtle usage in your design, Frozen has yet to disappoint us!