National Popcorn Day! – Our Favorites

For those who may not know, today is National Popcorn Day! So today we all took turns sharing our favorite popcorn inspired favorites, check it out!


Ashley : “My favorite is a copycat Garrett’s Popcorn: This Chicago favorite can get expensive shipping to Iowa all the time, so here is a recipe to make it in your own home!”


For the Caramel Corn

3 quarts popped popcorn ( from about ½ cup kernels )

¾ cup brown sugar

6 Tb. Butter

3 Tb. Corn syrup

1 – 1 ½ tsp. sea salt

¾ tsp. vanilla extract

1 tsp. baking soda

For the Cheese Corn

3 quarts popped popcorn ( from about ½ cup kernels )

4 Tb. Melted butter

¾ cup cheddar cheese powder

2 tsp. ground mustard powder

2 large paper grocery bag

Directions :

1 ) Pop 6 quarts of popcorn according to package instructions and separate into 2 large clean paper grocery bags. (Based on the size of my largest pot, I do this in two batches.) Be sure to pick out any un-popped kernels.

2 ) For the Caramel Popcorn: Place the brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, salt, and vanilla in a large microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Stir, then microwave another 2 minutes, until boiling. Immediately stir in the baking soda and pour over the popcorn in one bag. (The baking soda will cause the caramel to foam up.)

3 ) Fold the top of the paper bag over a couple times and shake well. Place the bag in the microwave and cook for 1 minute. Shake the bag vigorously again and microwave for 45-60 more seconds. Check at 45 seconds to make sure it’s not burning. Open the bag and pour the caramel corn out on waxed paper. Break up clumps if needed. Cool completely to harden. After the caramel corn cool completely, if it does not crisp up, put it back in the bag and microwave for another 30-45 seconds.

4 ) For the Cheese Corn: Open the top of the second bag and shake vigorously as you slowly pour the butter over the popcorn. Then mix the cheese powder and mustard. Shake vigorously again, as you sprinkle the cheese mixture over the popcorn. Close the bag and fold the top down. Give the popcorn one last hard shake to thoroughly coat. Place the bag in the microwave for 30-45 seconds to dry out the popcorn. Then allow it to cool before mixing.

5 ) Once both popcorns are ready, mix by hand and store in an air-tight container until ready to serve.



Andrus : “Sunday nights at my home growing up we would go out to eat after church and have a big meal, then Sunday night my mom got a break from cooking and it was every man for themselves. I don’t think it originated with us, but me and my siblings subsisted on popcorn, but popcorn gets dull so in came the salsa. I personally love dipping my popcorn in salsa, and I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only one.”



Jordin: “I am very excited about this blog because I happen to be an avid popcorn eater. You can guarantee there is always popcorn in my cupboards! And although I can’t cook ANYTHING I can “cook” homemade popcorn and it’s my favorite way to eat it! I highly recommend getting some popcorn kernels (I’ve purchased some from the Ames farmer’s market) and anxiously waiting for that jack-in-the-box like first seed to pop!”


1/4 cup coconut oil (or canola)

2/3 cup popcorn kernels

Optional toppings:

3 Tablespoons butter, melted

2 Tablespoons honey

1 1/2 teaspoons sea salt


  1. Add the coconut oil and 3 popcorn kernels to a large pot.
  2. Cover and cook over medium-high heat until all 3 kernels pop.
  3. Take the three kernels out of the pot…I never really do this 🙂
  4. Add the rest of the popcorn kernels.
  5. Cover and put the pot back on the heat. Cook, shaking the pot occasionally until the popping slows down.
  6. After about 2 minutes, and the popping has slowed down, take the lid off of the pot. This lets the steam out and keeps the popcorn crisp.
  7. While the popcorn is popping, you can melt the butter and add the honey.
  8. Pour whatever toppings you want over the popcorn and sprinkle with salt.



Jodi: Jodi enjoyed taking an artistic approach to popcorn and showed us some of her favorites. They are too cute!

Jodi 1Jodi 2