Gallery Wall – With A Twist

Everyone loves a good gallery wall. It’s a great way to take up an oversized wall and add your personality to a space. We love a mix of personal pictures, framed artwork, and decor pieces. However, a simple gallery wall made entirely out of artwork is such a fun way to add a huge pop of color and tie all the pieces of your room together.

The example we are showing above is from our recent Cityville staging in downtown Des Moines. We took a risk and went LOUD with the color choices here (more to come soon so be sure you’re following our Instagram & Facebook accounts for the reveal). In order to tie together all the bright pieces, we used the gallery wall and filled it with all these wonderfully bright colors. We love how it tied in every single piece of furniture and every accessory together to really round out this room, and the apartment as a whole.

Our twist we added to this gallery wall is that instead of buying eight pieces of art, which can get very expensive very fast, we used extra fabric swatches we had around our office. If you follow us closely, you’ll know the last time we had a round of fabric swatches get discontinued we sewed it into a quilt and gave it to Joppa Outreach. This time, we decided to think outside the box and frame out some discontinued fabrics to turn into artwork. We have been having fun experimenting with the textured and furry fabrics.

At home, you can achieve this with the perfect frame and the right matting, these fabric artwork pieces can look very put-together. If you have any extra fabric from a blanket, a pillow you’re throwing out, etc; definitely try turning these pieces into something fun and give them a new life!