Things Every Bedroom Needs

Today we wanted to talk about a few things that all bedrooms need (and no, I’m not talking as literal as a bed). There are a few things you can add to a bedroom to make sure you’re maximizing your bedroom’s potential. Keep reading to find out what we recommend for every bedroom we design.

Copious Amounts of Pillows

Something you’ll ALWAYS see in our designs, a seemingly excessive amount of pillows. Husbands are right, they serve no purpose other than being beautiful. And they sure are beautiful. A perfectly made bed filled with copious amounts of pillows is by far one of the best ways to come at night. A comfortable plush bed is always decked out with as many pillows as we can find.

A Lamp for Every Table

A point that design professors always drilled into our minds, “Every chair needs a table and every table needs a lamp.” The same principle applies to beds and nightstands. Not only do lamps make end tables look more put together; but, they also create a really relaxing ambiance that is best suited for a nighttime routine. Lamps are much less harsh than traditional lighting when you’re trying to wind down at the end of a night. So, if you don’t want to do it for the aesthetic look of it, then at least do it for the functionality of it.

Perfectly Dressed Walls

The perfect design is not grounded to the floor. Sure, furniture is a large portion of bringing the design of a home together; but, don’t forget to look up. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the walls and all the ceiling height you have. Add curtains and mount them a few inches from the ceiling to give height to a room and dress up the windows. Add artwork and mirrors to blank walls to move the eye around the room. Lastly, never forget that in most scenarios, your headboard in the focal point in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to go big and dramatic with your headboard.

We hope you enjoyed these three tips to creating a better bedroom set up. Practicing one or all of these points will help bring your home together in a more cohesive and more aesthetically pleasing way.