How To Up Your Design Game This Year

This warmer weather has us coming down with some serious project fever! Jodi has done a huge overhaul of her exterior areas with new landscaping, hardscaping, and furniture. Lexi is living in the middle of a master suite remodel. Katie & Hannah are both moving into their apartments and are hard at work decorating and finding the perfect furniture pieces. If you’re like us, you’ve got the itch to start a new project. We are here today to help guide you through the process and end with a beautiful result!

Purge Non-essentials

The undisclosed first step that makes everything so SO much easier, purging. Sell, donate, throw away all the items you don’t need. Practicing realistic minimalism in everyday life makes this step easier. However, if you haven’t been purging non-essentials periodically throughout the year, you can start with your project area. Once you have cleared out everything you don’t need from your project space, you’ll be able to work and think easier.

Take It In Stride

Rome wasn’t built in a day; and, thank goodness it wasn’t because not everyone has a large luxurious budget to throw at a project. Be sure to budget accordingly and take your project in stride. There’s no need to pressure yourself and your wallet into a fast paced remodel. Space out your project into well thought-out phases and you’ll never have to stretch your budget.

Work Big To Small

It can often be so appealing to spend money at the beginning of a project on the smaller items because they usually have the smaller price tag. However, those smaller items are easily replaced. Your larger ticket items set the whole scene for your home and, often, are harder to change. Replace the floors before buying window treatments,  kitchen cabinets before backsplash, paint the bedroom before settling on bedding. The smaller items are easier to get at later dates and create less headaches to switch out in case it no longer goes with the big ticket items.

Try these three simple tricks to master your next project and become a top shelf designer in no time! And, if you ever think you may be in over your head, remember that Elizabeth Erin Designs does offer project management. We are here to help you through any process and help you achieve your vision.