Jodi has Big News! Here’s what she’s been up to lately!

When you own your own company, at least for me, it is almost impossible to completely separate your personal life from your business. These two parts of life merge like peas and carrots or coffee and cream. My company’s name, Elizabeth Erin Designs, binds family and business together. I named my business by merging my twin daughters’ names, Hanna Elizabeth and Sydney Erin. Therefore, I can’t describe what I have been up to lately without blending my personal life with my business and I have some very exciting news to share!

First things first, I became a grandma in September! My daughter, Hanna Elizabeth and her husband, Chris, confirmed in February that they were expecting. They also moved to Florida as they are now stationed there, so they’ve had an exciting few months! Noodle, our grandson, was born on September 20th at 8lbs and 2 oz! He is now the light and joy of our life. Becoming a grandparent is like no other feeling. It’s a whole new level of love that I am so grateful our family gets to experience. Mom, Dad, and little Noodle are doing well. Of course, I got to assist a little with the baby’s nursery with Hanna’s approval. This new addition to our lives made Scott and I realize we didn’t want to miss out on any of the experiences of being a grandparent and felt we needed to make a change in our lives.

Our big change was purchasing a home in Florida to be near little Noodle! Of course, we consulted Hanna and Chris on this move as well. We were excited when they got on board with our idea and are extra excited to see where this journey of life takes us. We know they will not be in Florida forever, but at least for the next few years, we will get to be first-hand witnesses to what God has in store for their new family! Now, this doesn’t mean the company is leaving Iowa, we are just expanding to Florida as well and seeing what other opportunities might be in store for Elizabeth Erin Designs! The blending of personal life and business life continues!

Speaking of out-of-state, we just finished a beautiful project install in Louisville, Kentucky at the J-town Apartments as well as two other complexes in Indiana, Columbus TownHomes and Stonegate Apartments community space. I especially loved working on and installing at J-town Apartments because I love Louisville, KY. They have an adorable area of town with boutique shops and one of the best Deli’s I have ever been to. If you catch them just right, you might be lucky enough to sample a homemade lemon bar that is out-of-this-world crazy good!

Indiana is a little closer to home. This couldn’t have worked out more perfectly as we ran into supply chain issues to meet deadlines but were able to utilize our staging inventory to meet budgets and timeline constraints. Thank goodness for Clark’s, our amazing 3rd party receiving company, who went above and beyond for us and allowed us to drop off pieces during seven trips for other projects!

We cannot forget to mention what amazing things are happening with our Iowa projects! We just finished our 7th and last HBA Home Show Expo at the end of July. We were so blessed to design a show home with Liz from Kyanite Homes. We loved meeting new clients and saying hello to current and past clients showing them all the fun features around the house. Besides the pool area, I would say the hidden entry closet door/accent wall and the flamingo wallpaper had to be fan favorites! I’d say we ended on a beautiful high note and it was a pleasure and a privilege to collaborate with Kyanite Homes on this rewarding project. The Elizabeth Erin Designs team wishes joy and entertainment to the new homeowners and their family for years to come!

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Have a beautiful day and remember Elizabeth Erin Designs is here to help you achieve your vision!