Our 2022 Home Show Expo… a house worth writing home about!

Hello everyone! We are reflecting on the Show Home we did with Kyanite Design this summer – it was such a fun and memorable experience. Thank you to everyone who came out, said “hi”, and walked through the home to see our design in person! If you didn’t get the chance to make  it or wanted to know more about our design process, follow through the rest of this blog to discover our process and inspiration. 

This year, we were inspired by Pacific Northwest Contemporary Design – so we incorporated this beautiful style into our show home. We played on the style’s aspects of floor-to-ceiling windows, deep wood tones, high ceilings, and open floor plans. You can see how these key aspects come together in the living room to create a show-stopping overall look. 

Moving into the kitchen we loved the double island feature. This trend is picking up in popularity, we can guarantee you will start to notice more of these in new home or remodel projects. If you have the space for two islands, we recommend going for it – they allow your kitchen to be multi-functional and neat. Typically, one island serves a more functional role great for food prep – streamlining the cooking process. The second island could then be dedicated for entertaining, eating, and extra storage.

Another favorite aspect of our kitchen was the hidden walk in pantry! Pantries have always been a common kitchen feature, but they are now becoming more popular by hiding them behind framed kitchen cabinets. This year we also had help from The Neat Method – Des Moines company. They will get your pantry organized beautifully and set up for success! 

When we began the design for this house, we realized it was essential to the flow of the home to envision a family who might live in this home. We dreamt of a married couple with two twin daughters and a teenage son, who love to entertain and host parties at their home. That’s why we love the lower level so much. With the drop down movie screen, ping pong table, full bar (with two taps), and a pool, it’s the perfect place to entertain.

Lastly, we had so much fun designing the kids bedrooms upstairs! As mentioned earlier, we were designing the home with two twin girls in mind, so we thought it would be fun to do a Jack and Jill styled room for them. One room serving as their bedroom and the other acting as a hangout space where they could let their girly personalities flourish. 

The girls’ bathroom was probably one of our favorite and most talked about spaces. Most importantly, the flamingo wallpaper – such a fun, playful print. How could we resist? 

We hoped you enjoyed learning about our design process behind the 2022 Home Show! If you are interested in learning more about our design process you can sign up for a complimentary consultation today! https://elizabetherindesigns.com/complimentary-consultation/