Jodi’s Current Design Inspirations

I generally obtain my inspiration from my travels, what I am seeing in fashion, real-estate and experiences.  Since travel has been halted due to recent events, I have been forced to think outside my normal box.  Recently I have been getting inspiration from my local travels – walks in nature, my conversations with clients, and other designers that are coming together around the globe!  So here is what I can tell you about my current design inspirations….
1. Cookie cutter is out!  No one wants to leave their house (when we are allowed too), go to their friend’s and neighbor’s homes and feel like they have never left their own home.  One way to get out of this rut is to shop local, invest in a consultation with an interior designer, and use this time to get inspired on Pinterest and Houzz.  Expressing ones individuality through interior design is everything!  So, let your personality shine like this image of a home office.  Loving the modern chairs with the cow hide rug!
2.  Concerning big ticket items, clients are wanting minimalistic and timeless.  Take for example, clients that are saving and purchasing higher quality pieces in a timeless color palette that are also ecologically conscious purchasing decisions.  Part of being timeless is bringing the outdoors in. For example, this is the Linea console from Bernhardt Furniture that has custom moss artwork behind it.  The console shows the texture of wood and then the moss artwork to bring this timeless begin to life!
3. Scandinavian design is pushing out the modern farmhouse aesthetic. You can recognize it by the way Scandinavian brings in lighter wood tones, light walls, and soft hues throughout the space. Texture is a large part of this design in a minimal way.  For example, in this image the walls, artwork and leather are all smooth so you cannot help but notice the texture of this chair.
4. Going along with bringing the outdoors in, we have been speaking with Lynn Khun from Outdoor Transformations in Grimes, IA.  We are set to speak at our showroom this Fall about Conversation Gardens – what they are, why we need them, and how we can make them!  Who wouldn’t want to sit around this space with friends and family and catch up on everything we have been missing?
*All photos sourced via Bernhardt