Currently Trending : Quarantine Kitchen Trends That Wow

Since this great quarantine has started, many people are spending a lot of time in the kitchen and figuring out what they want in their space. Sully Weissman, of Thermador, gave us the run down of what people are wanting in their kitchens, and what designers can do to help.

Bold colors are IN! Muted pink, deep emerald green, and Pantone’s color of the year : Classic Blue; are all great colors to spruce up a kitchen. Use them on cabinetry and countertops, or make a statement without the commitment by adding these colors to your wall, cabinet hardware, or your backsplash! With the increase in time spent at home, there is an even greater desire for personality to shine through in every facet of the home. Color is a great way to incorporate your personality in your home’s design.

Keeping your health in check while in the kitchen is important, especially in these times. Consider your countertop, you should have a surface that is hardy, easy to clean, and lasts. Quartz reigns supreme in these categories. Porcelain is also becoming popular in the kitchen scene! They are durable, stain-resistant, and are a low maintenance option. Add a butcher block into the mix, and have the perfect area to prepare your meals!

Open shelving has become a popular trend that allows for easy access and beautiful display of kitchenware and decorative accents. Putting pops of color on the shelves is another great way to add some life to your kitchen without the commitment. This is another great way to incorporate personality into your kitchen. Does styling shelves intimidate you? Don’t fret, we’ve made the perfect guide to styling your kitchen shelves! Read it here.

Functionality and space planning are important things to keep in mind when designing your kitchen. The notorious kitchen triangle gets thrown out the window (unless you’re a family of four or less). Instead, the kitchen can be laid out in zones- you know your kitchen best, and your layout should reflect how you work within your own space.

Ruth Prentice of Thermador spoke on their wide selection of smart home technology! Start your oven from your phone while at church to get it ready for brunch with your family, or ask Alexa to brew your espresso in the morning from the comfort of your bed. The options are endless! Thermador appliances aren’t just limited to the kitchen either, you can put a wine cooler in your master bedroom and a refrigerated drawer in your master bath for your creams and serums!

Dacor is another appliance manufacturer that creates world-class appliances with innovative details and personalization. Connect, entertain, and create in your kitchen with Dacor’s stunning appliances. They can even personalize your appliances to your desired color swatch. Get expert cooking advice right in your kitchen from a screen on your appliances! Make use of the advances and take control of your kitchen!

Design does not have to be limited! The kitchen is the heart of the home, and sets the tone for the rest of your home. Let your personal tastes shine through with bold color, trendy decorative accents, and world-class appliances!