Open Office Design

A huge design trend coming about is the open office design. It is the idea of taking away private offices and create an open plan. Similar to the open concept in residential homes, where the kitchen, living, and dining all flow into one another. In this design, the general idea is that there are multiple different spaces for a user to choose, while still feeling like part of a whole. An open office design follows this same idea. There are multiple different seating and work stations for a user to choose from. No specific desk is for just one person, but rather is open to everyone.


The first group that I want to show you is the individual areas. While some are private, others are considered part of the public space. These are desks, chairs, etc. where an individual can have their own space. Some options are “telephone booths,” as shown in the first image. These are a small, quiet space that a user can go to if they need to have a private conversation. Other options can be different furniture, or enclosed spaces. Most common are large groupings of desks.

Dynamit office on Marconi. (Tim Johnson/CEO)






The next space up is your small group areas. These could be used as individual spaces if available, all the way up to groups of five. They can include both, private rooms, and larger furniture arrangements.







Lastly we have large group areas. These would accommodate groups 5 and over. These can be conference rooms, high tables, and even furniture groupings. It is important to allow a variety of seating in order to accommodate majority of people.




Let us know what you think about this new trend. Do you like the idea of everyone being treated equal? Higher up management getting the same workspace? Being able to choose a new spot sit every day of the week?