Our Favorite Bathroom Hardware Collections

As designers, we always strive to get our clients a unique look that completely corresponds with their design tastes. When it comes to pieces with a little less variety, like bathroom hardware, we tend to use some staples pieces and bring personality in through other methods. We are big fans of Delta Faucets and have three main collections we like to use in our projects.

Dryden Collection

A truly versatile collection that can blend in with most design styles. It’s a great choice for clients who like to change up their styles frequently or don’t like to be pinned down to a certain style.

Lahara Collection

The transitional lovers paradise collection. It offers the simplicity of a modern style while maintaining a more traditional components. It’s a great collection for remodels to bring a home up to date while not over-modernizing the space.


Trinsic Collection

A pure staple of our more modern clients. We love the sleek lines of this collection and are really drawn to the simplicity of this collection. This collection also features a kitchen line and we use those pieces many times as well. The Trinsic is a great staple collection of ours.

Be sure to check out each collection for more inspiration and leave a comment down below with which is your favorite!