Our Professional Hot Off the Press Predictions for Staging Trends in 2022

Wow! We can’t believe 2022 is almost here, this past year has flown by! Welcome back to our blog, we hope this finds you well and enjoying the holiday season. In today’s blog, we’re here to share our predictions for the up and coming trends in home staging for 2022! 

First things first, contrasting decor is going to be HOT! Although we’ve incorporated contrast into a lot of our stagings in the past, we can’t wait to create contrast in a bigger way in our 2022 stagings! And, we’ll let you in on a little secret…keep an eye out for the ways we’ll use contrast in our 2022 Show Home!

We’ll be seeing a lot of non-white kitchens in 2022, and we’re ready for it! Gone are the days of all white kitchens, and we can’t wait to see what colors and accents will be used to create beautiful kitchens in 2022! 

Rattan furniture will be making a surge next year, and we are excited to pull in this natural element into our stagings. Add rattan to your own spaces through a fun table lamp, a statement piece of furniture, or a decor object. 

A trend we haven’t made up our minds about yet… antiques and vintage features. 2022 will bring back the essence of the past. We think this trend could be sparked by the long lead times for furniture right now – people won’t have to wait as long if they can source vintage pieces. Who knows, maybe we’ll have to add some vintage and antique pieces to our staging inventory… we’ll keep you posted. 

Next year, natural materials will be all the rage, and this is a trend EED is 110 percent on board with! We have always loved to use greenery, florals, and natural elements in our stagings and can’t wait to ramp up the usage next year! Natural elements increase wellness and breathability, and bring life to a space. 

There you have it folks – Our 5 predictions for home staging trends in 2022. We can’t wait to continue our luxury home staging services next year and assisting you in selling your home and creating beautiful spaces. To explore our services, check out our blog “Luxury Vacant vs Luxury Verbal vs Luxury Virtual – What do they all mean?”. Thinking about selling your home in 2022? Consider staging your home, and check out “Why We are So Passionate about Home Staging for any home on the market”. Elizabeth Erin Designs is signing off for 2021 with our last blog for the year. Enjoy ringing in the New Year with your family and friends, we’ll see you next year!