Red Inspired Decor

Who doesn’t love the color red? It’s a primary color, it symbolizes power, and not to mention it is the color most associated with love. I may be a little biased, being the only red-head in the office, but I stand by my obsession with this color. Now hear me out, I wouldn’t dream of a solid red color scheme; but, I do enjoy pops of red when they are executed in the right manor. For example, this picture below is so successful because the red door and the linear foliage help focus attention to the front door. The warm neutral color of the home creates a fantastic backdrop for this empowering door.

red 3

This next picture features a little more red in various textures and hues. Creating a little niche is sometimes the best way to incorporate a brightly colored accent wall so as to not overpower a room. The down lighting also helps give the wall dimension and gives the room a focal point.

red 4


This last picture is quite possibly my favorite. I love the Asian influence seen in this photo with not only the traditional use of red but the many patterns, textures, and intricate use of lines. I love the power piece of furniture used in this seemingly neutral room, not to mention the fun use of accent pillows!



red 2