Sold In 48 Hours For Full Asking Price – Luxury Home Staging Testimonial

Realtors, are you tired of being sold on something? I swear those pesky telemarketers are increasing in numbers day by day. You sell homes day in and day out, the last thing you need is for someone else to try and sell you on something. So I’ll make this short and sweet and stick with facts. Staging works, and this property had an accepted offer in just 48 hours. And for full asking price!

Partnering with Tiffan Yamen, we were able to come out and do a quick walk through of the property, before it went live on market, to make a list of key areas of attention. In order to keep costs down for the homeowner, we made three to-do lists. One for the homeowner to do before we arrived to help stage, one for EED for what to bring in from our inventory, and one for Tiffan, who bless her soul, helped out where-ever the homeowner need some extra assistance. The end result was a cohesive look that photographed well for online marketing.

“Highly recommend Jodi and her team at Elizabeth Erin Designs for staging and interior design. Sellers are hesitant to spend money on staging their homes. Let me tell you – STAGING WORKS when you work with a professional like Jodi! Most of the time the investment of staging – when done right – is far less costly than a series of price reductions. Jodi and her team are experienced and know the tricks to get a home sold.” 

– Tiffan Yamen, Realtor w/ Keller Williams

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