Staging : Less does not always mean More

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Staging is a delicate balance of bringing in enough furniture and accessories to see the function of the space, while not brining too much where it looks like someone is living there. Take our showroom, for example. When we first moved in we set up three vignettes : living room, a dining room, and a couple extra chairs. Now, at any given time, we typically have two living rooms, two dining tables, and various extra seating. The space is much more full, but not crowded. Not only is it functional for us on a daily basis, but shows well for any walk in customers.

We treat our stagings the same way as we do our showroom. Vignettes do not work! You might save money upfront, but it will be more costly in the end. Buyers will be confused, the house will sit, and you will be left a choice that needs to be made : Do you make a price reduction? Do you invest in a full staging? It is a lose-lose scenario for everyone.

Staging is an investment where you get what you pay for. Do not be afraid to make the investment. Yes it may seem like a lot of money upfront, but you have to keep in mind the end result; selling your property. Take away the personal attachment and look at it from an outsider’s perspective. If you were going to invest money into a company, you would give your money out to a company that just sits around and watches tv all day? Probably not. You would pick a company who is going to continually work hard to produce a profit! Staging is an extra effort to increase your bottom dollar. So invest!

See some of our latest work below :

Staging in Polk City, Iowa

Staging in Des Moines

Staging in Des Moines

Staging in Des Moines