Tables for all Tastes : A Round-Up of our Favorite Dining Tables

It’s the time of year where we are thinking about family gatherings, hosting events, and eating really yummy foods. Whether you’re the one going to a gathering, hosting an event, or just there to eat the yummy foods, I think we can all appreciate a good dining table. Dinging tables are places for good conversation, where some of the best laughs happen, and where we bond with family and friends. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful table to gather around, or even show off. So I went through our best vendors to find some of the most stunning dining tables on the market.

Round dinging tables are perfect for keeping everyone involved in conversation, and the best conversations are when you can see and hear the person talking. Round dining tables feel more intimate and allow everyone to feel included. And if you have a smaller space, a round dining table can accommodate your dining space.

Thomas Dining Table | Rustic Patina Round Dining Table | Culinary Circle

Rectangular dining tables allow for more people to gather around, especially when you can add leaves. They also allow for gorgeous table scapes around the holidays, adding to your home’s decor. Rectangular dining tables are more traditional, allowing for the hosts to eat at the head of the table so they can see the faces of their guests.

Colworth Rectangular Dining Table | The Aristocrat Dining Table | X Dining Table, Hand Rubbed Black

Whatever dining table style is your favorite, we can all probably agree that a shared meal with friends or family are the best kind of meals to have. But if you’re not sure which style would be best for your home, please reach out to us so we can help you! The holidays will be fast to approach, so make sure you order yours soon so it’s in your home in time for your holiday gathering!