Phase Out Full Remodels

The time for large HGTV reveals & 24-hour challenges is over. Now is the time of imperfection and living in the middle of projects. Instant results are out and living in the moment is the way to go! Loving your home and your project throughout the process of remodels is a huge key towards staying positive throughout a large scale project.

This concept comes from a quote we loved as soon as we saw Chris Loves Julia post it, “Enjoy your home throughout every stage. Don’t wait for finished or perfect or for that renovation to be check off – enjoy it now. Make memories now, invite someone over now.”

We are all about staying in a positive and happy state of mind with your home. Once you’re able to channel this state of mind, your remodeling projects won’t seem as daunting. Many people we talk with are concerned moving forward with a project until they are certain they have the time & money set aside to complete it start to finish. We urge all of our clients to take things in stride and phase projects out. Taking on a full project is often stressful and unnecessary. When it comes to tackling your projects, stick to our three phases to keep yourself positive and able to enjoy the journey.

Phase One : Remodel

After remodeling a room, you can move your existing furniture back into the space and wait to budget for new furniture. Many clients bring up the fact that their old furniture often looks misplaced in a newly renovated space. While that may or may not be true, waiting for the perfect furniture is much better than rushing with a limited budget or limited time. And, often times, remodeling your space changes the way you live in it. Moving your existing furniture into your new space will let you feel out what pieces you actually want in your new space!

Phase Two : New Furniture

Once you’ve established how you want to live in your new space and have the budget to move forward, it’s time to move on to furniture! Invest in those heavily used pieces to avoid having to replace them down the road. And most importantly, do your research and read reviews. It’s a full-time job taking on a project. If you don’t have the time, remember there are plenty of professionals in your area that can help take on that burden!

Phase Three : Finishing Touches

The last thing you should think about during a project are the small finishing touches (i.e. window treatments, rugs, pillows, accessories). These small items can often add up, especially if you enjoy switching things out with the seasons or holidays. This seemingly small step is another project all on it’s own. Hopefully, by this time, having a list of what exactly you need should be well within grasp! You have a pretty good understanding about what you want from your new space; now, the only tough decisions are about your style aesthetic. Which, again, there are plenty of professionals in your area that can help!

Often the fondest memories aren’t the destination, but the journey itself. Revel in the imperfect moments; because, those are the moments that truly matter.