DIY : How to Create Fashionable Artwork for Less!

Often times when you move into your new place, you are so focused on the big changes, that smaller accent items seem less important. Hence why furniture tends to take focus rather than accessories when it comes to the interior design of your new home. Larger furniture pieces might be the more costly items but the smaller pieces are just as important. The smaller accent pieces bring the whole design together. The idea is to keep costs down as much as you can, allowing you to ultimately do more!

Red – Before | Gray – After

A great way to keep costs down when it comes to artwork is by making your own personal DIY pieces. The before and after above is a quick switch we did for some staging artwork. The bold red was so specific that we weren’t able to utilize those pieces as often as others. By replacing with a gray pattern, we are able to tie the new art pieces in with more stagings through both color and pattern. If you want to switch out your artwork, we definitely recommend taking a look a the back of the frame before purchasing. We love these white frames because there are quick latches to keep the back in place. This makes changing out the subject quick and easy. We placed a scrap piece of fabric in, then set the back in to make sure it was a tight fit with no wrinkles. Then cut off any excess fabric and we were good to go!

Image 1 – Place scrap piece of fabric into the frame | Image 2 – Set the back of the frame to make sure fabric keeps tight with no wrinkles | Image 3 – Cut off any excess fabric | Image 4 – Finished product

You don’t have to be crafty to make your own art; just clever. Look at your surrounds in a new light. We have constant access to extra wallpaper and fabric because of our business. Not everyone does, though. If you are set on a fabric look, check out some local craft or fabric stores. Sometimes they have remnant pieces that get thrown away. Scrapbooking paper is another great option. There are numerous colors and designs there. Frames can be the bigger challenge to find. Check out some local garage sales or thrift shops. Sometimes all an old frame needs is a new coat of paint to bring it back to life! Walmart even has some inexpensive  new frame options for a clean, modern look. I’ve see people us old shoeboxes as shelving or paint chips to make a collage.

All in all, use what you have access to for artwork! When you do this, the creativeness you bring to the table is what makes your piece personal and unique.