Is it just me of did 2012 fly by? It was January 1, 2012 and I blinked and here we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. As 2012 comes to a close it is natural to reflect on the year that has past. First, I feel so blessed that my office manager, Alyssa Eckholt,has joined the Elizabeth Erin Designs family. She may not feel that way everyday, having to put up with my crazy antics, but I could not have accomplished as much as I did in 2012 without her.

On a personal note, I am blessed to have the support of my two beautiful daughter’s and my husband, Scott. They are an amazing source of support and strength. My daughter’s are turning thirteen in December and are in full teenage mode. I am very thankful for every time they ask for help or want to spend any amount of time with me because I know that will fade all too quickly. Scott has been traveling a lot still. We are hoping that it slows down a bit over the holiday season so we can beat him at a game of Clue or Spades. He is just a little too competitive and usually wins so it’s fun when someone else wins!

I am most thankful for all of my customers who trusted our advise. We could not have had a successful year without you. We relocated to Grimes, Iowa in 2010 from Hillsborough, NJ. Eighty percent of our clients come through referrals, so we are thank for our “cheerleaders”, you know who you are! Thank you so much…

2013 is a special year for Elizabeth Erin Designs. We will be celebrating ten years of business! Yet another thing to be thankful for. We wish all of you a joyous end to 2012 and an exciting year ahead in 2013.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us!