Top 9 Tips You Need To Know Before You Remodel Your Home

Remodeling can be a stressful process.  Every big remodel project begins with images that stem from Houzz and/or Pinterest, for ideas you like and specific items you’d like to replicate in your space. You then invite contractors into your space to get bids on getting the work completed.  This is where the stress and breakdown starts! Contractors give you a bid to complete the work; but, those bids are based on average prices and NOT the designs you have in mind. More often than not, your big Houzz/Pinterest ideas are more expensive than the allowances your contractor bid for you – which is going to leave you frustrated.  You are either going to have to compromise on your design or you are going to go over budget.  To help make the process much more enjoyable for all parties, here are my top 9 tips!

  1. Make ALL your selections that you want/need for your remodel. (Pro Tip : If your remodel includes a kitchen, start with your appliances and then head to cabinets!)
  2. Know the brand of paint you want and do your research! Not all paints/finishes are created equal.  You will want the right one for your application, keep in mind sometimes this increases costs.
  3. Think about how you want your tile, flooring, etc. to be laid out. This can increase your investment amount!  For example, if you want your master bathroom tile installed in a herringbone patter, this adds approximately 10% waste and 25% to your labor cost, alternatively you could look to find a tile mosaic already laid out in this pattern.
  4. If your remodel consist of stairs, now may be the time to think about updating the railing as well.  If you were already considering this as part of your remodel, think about how paint and stain will be used on all the parts of the stairs.
  5. If new flooring is in the cards for your remodel think about WPC flooring product.  It is water proof and can be run from hallways to bathrooms to laundry rooms.  They have a variety of options to complete your look, from Modern Farmhouse, Scandinavian or Modern design.
  6. Wallpaper is making a come back!  If your walls are textured, you will need to have them skim coated to prepare for the wallpaper.  If the wall is new, make sure your contractor knows not to add texture to it for seamless wallpaper installation.
  7. Take inventory of your electrical items you want to address in your remodel.  You may have phone and cable connectors in your walls you would like removed.  Also, some lights you may want to have on a dimmer.
  8. Fixtures can be expensive. When it comes to lighting or plumbing, make sure you review your options here to make sure it fits into the design.
  9. Built-ins, custom or semi-custom, are a great way to make your project unique.  Make sure to talk over all the details on how you want the end product to look and make selections on all hardware needed.

Once you have all your design and selections completed, this is the best time to meet with your contractor to get bids.  They will now be able to bid all the exact items you want instead of working off allowances.  This will put the control of where you invest your money and create an overall better remodel experience!

If you have specific questions concerning your remodel please feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation, virtual or in our office. We can assist you in achieving your vision!