What You Need To Know About Designers

We get calls every day about what it is like to work with us. Many designers get these calls. Most think of TV shows on HGTV when they think of Interior Design. While yes, there is some truth to those shoes, there is also a lot that you are not seeing. There are many behind the scenes decisions and choices that happen before a final design.

First off, be honest. Just be upfront with your designer. The more honest feedback that you give to your designer, the more their design will reflect you. If you do not like something, than say so. You aren’t going to hurt our feelings if you don’t like something. You literally pay us to design your spaces. Let’s work together to make sure the space is right for you!

Always make sure to tell us about yourself. Almost all designers will ask you a little about yourself during your first meeting. This is to get an understanding of your personality. It tells us more than you think. Sometimes it is the little details that help us come up with the most functional design for your space.

Don’t hire on a whim.  Please don’t just call a designer after you watch a HGTV episode that inspires you to redesign your home. Know what it is that you are wanting. Are you looking for a whole home remodel? Or maybe upgrading a bathroom? Or maybe you are just in the mood for some new furniture. All of these are fine, but know what it is you are wanting.

Know your budget, and make sure that it is realistic. Do you know how much an average kitchen remodel is? What about the cost of a sofa? A cheap sofa from Homemaker’s might only cost a few hundred dollars, while a custom designer some could be a few thousand dollars. This might sound like an easy choice, but you also have to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. That cheap sofa might only last a few years, while that designer sofa could last ten times as long.

Have an estimated timeline. Many designers, such as ourselves, will give our clients the option of having us project manage your design. With this, we will schedule all aspects of your project and give you an estimated finish date. Don’t contact us and expect for the whole design to be finished in a month, unless it is a home staging. Designs take time to develop and complete.

Establish goals ahead of time. What do you want to get from this experience? Many of our clients have multiple phased projects, meaning that we design a small chunk of their home at a time. Typically this starts with the two biggest areas of the home, the kitchen and living room, and continues on into bedrooms, offices, and other areas. Know what you want us to work on.

Finally, let’s be considerate of each other’s time. We could both agree that each other’s time is valuable.


If you have been thinking about a home remodel, consider EED. We would love to work with you to come up with a design that is perfect for you!