A Look at Our 5 Top Favorite Primary Bedroom Stagings!

Hey there and welcome back to another Katie’s Corner Blog! Today we’ll be showing you 5 of our favorite primary bedroom stagings we’ve done within the past year or so. First things first, you might be asking “What do you mean by “Primary” bedroom?” Great question! Interior Designers and folks in the real estate market have started using the term “primary” bedroom as opposed to “master” bedroom because of the negative implications that come with the word “master”. Hence why this easy switch in language is necessary. Now… on to the top 5 primary bedroom stagings. 

Starting with #5: Franklin Dr. – Ankeny, IA

This home right in the heart of Prairie Trail, Ankeny gave us a great staging opportunity! This primary bedroom staging beautifully accentuated the tray ceiling and the natural light coming through the window! 

#4: 141st Street Stunner – Urbandale, IA

The varying blue tones in this bedroom are what really pulled it together! We also love the fun addition of some accent chairs at the foot of the bed. If you have the room for it, why not add a dual conversation and sitting area? We love this idea – especially when used with the fireplace feature!

#3: Beauty on Spruce St. – Waukee, IA

This staging was pulled together so beautifully – we accomplished cohesion by tying the bedding colors into the artwork as well. This also features one of our favorite tips; hanging wall art or mirrors above the nightstands and behind the table lamps for added visual interest!

#2: Sun Valley Apartments – St. Louis, MO

We love this primary bedroom staging in a model unit apartment in St. Louis! This terra-cotta and pinkish color combo is killer and a different color scheme than you might normally see us do! Notice how even subtle pops of color can make a huge difference!

#1: 26th St. – Grimes, IA

WOW! We love the simplicity of this primary bedroom and how elegance just BEAMS from these selections! This pillow combination is to-die-for! Notice how you can still create a beautiful look without color! 

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into some of our favorite primary bedroom stagings we’ve done! We also hope you learned a little something – especially that words and language are powerful! Try to make this change in your own vocabulary: call it your “primary bedroom/suite” instead of master!

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See you next time!