Best Design Hacks

Everybody is trying to get the best bang for their buck. This is bringing our thrift shoppers, DIYers, and craft nuts. Instead a spending $100 on a desk, spend $40 on supplies and materials and put in a little elbow grease. I know, I know. Heaven forbid we have to work a little more. The Millennial generation is known for their technology, but also for being lazy. This new design hack trend is bringing us back to an older generation. One that had to work hard for everything they got. I think these new DIY hacks make us feel proud of what we have done. We want to show off our hard work. So, let’s begin  with some hacks you can try for your home.






First secret, contact paper! A great tool for a different kinds of DIY projects. It can be used like pictured above as table tops, however, one of my favorite things that I see is using them as wall decals. The come in many different different patterns and colors. There is sure to be once to fit your design.





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A quick solution to your kitchen clutter is storage bins. Some of these specially made containers can cost up to $50! Why? I do not have a clue.  Just got to your local store and get some plastic bins that match your style. They are easy to clean and make everything look like it is organized.




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Spice racks can be used for multiple different projects. Spices, books, hair care products, etc. The important thing to keep in mind is that it is just a shelf with a “safety” bar. So anything that you would normally be worried about keeping on an open shelf, is now tucked away safely on display. Feel free to add your own personal touches through paints or architectural detailing.







An easy flip is with shelving or cabinets. All you really need to doc is add some legs and hardware. You can of course personalize it with a coat of paint, but it is not really necessary.









Lastly, one of my favorite little accessory hacks is the use of laterns. They fit great with a beachy theme, rustic charm, or even contemporary if used correctly. You can leave them empty as is or fill them with something to fit your design. The image to the left brings in a fresh feeling with some plants.




Design hacks are all around you, you just have to keep your eyes open for them!