Game Room Inspiration

Sometimes, you just know that your ultimate “dream house” is just not possible. We don’t let this stop us from still imagining what it could be like though. Designated game rooms are that extra room that people wish they could have, but in reality our “game room” is just our dining table or living room. Below, I have gathered some different budget ranging projects. There is all kinds of updates, from accessories to full on remodels.


Just remember that how much money you spend on your space is not what matters, but rather the time that you spend with those you care about in that space. Some of my favorite memories with my family were game nights. It was a good time to get together with those that you love and spend some quality time catching up. I also think about all of my family get togethers with aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents. We almost always end up playing some sort of card game. Make sure that your space suits your needs. Money comes and goes, memories are forever.