Home Staging vs Luxury Home Staging – The Benefits Of Choosing Luxury

Not all home staging companies are created equal, which is apparent by a quick google search. Luxury home staging is a specific niche of home staging that not all stagers are experienced with. A luxury staging has the wow factor that takes your breath away and makes you want to keep looking. It is more than just decluttering and depersonalizing. It is about a targeted lifestyle appearance. Who is the target buyer for your property? What are they looking for in their new home? These are crucial questions when it comes to luxury home staging. Often, we have a discussion with the Realtor for who the potential buyers are in the area, as well as who they are wanting to market the property towards. Understanding the who, leads to understanding the how we are going to design each staging.

Every property is uniquely different. We strive not to hide a property’s “flaws,” but rather highlight its unique “characteristics.” As luxury stagers, we don’t want to just bring in any furniture into each listing. Our inventory is a precisely curated collection of pieces. As both an Interior Design and Home Staging Firm, we have access to hundreds of furniture vendors outside of our local market. As a seller, this is highly advantageous for creating online marketing that is attention grabbing. Many of our pieces you will not be able to find without ordering through a designer. This visually and physically sets Elizabeth Erin Designs Luxury Staging apart from others.

Another advantage of being an Interior Design Firm is our wealth of knowledge behind what we do. We aren’t only home stagers. We are an accredited luxury home staging company with Interior Design degrees. We have the knowledge and background to create customized award winning designs to get your sellers property noticed. If you ask us for a paint color suggestion, we are not going to just tell you Agreeable Gray because it is everyone’s go to color. We are going to stop and consider all the other elements that will be affected: cabinets, hardware, countertops, lighting, flooring, etc. There are many factors to consider behind every design selection that is presented to our clients. 

Let our team of luxury home stagers create an all-inclusive luxury staging package that works for you. We will bring in our inventory of designer furniture, with appropriate sized pieces to your listing that will showcase the property! You can view our staging designs in past Katie’s Corner blogs, such as Top 5 Living Rooms – Our Staging Favorites or 3 Must Have Staging Trends to Incorporate Into Staging Your Home Now! Don’t forget to check back for new Katie’s Corner blogs here to stay up to date with all of the latest home staging tips and tricks. You can also always reach us at 515-986-1895 or office@ElizabethErinDesigns.com if you need more info!

Until next time!