Top 5 Living Rooms – Our Staging Favorites

5715 Rose

A collaboration design with Kruse Developments and EED, this new construction build was a perfect pairing of simple and intriguing. With light toned finishes throughout, it was the prime opportunity to bring in bold darks and trending blush tones. Matching swivel accent chairs brought in a fun pop while visually allowing the eye of buyers’ to continue through the rest of the open concept space.

1153 S Radley

Hubbell Homes’ 2018 Show Home was an exciting blend of designs, showcasing the color grass green. Varying pops of this hue were brought in through furniture and finishes throughout the property. Warm wood tones paired nicely with the light and dark contrast of the finishes. Soft neutrals brought a middle ground for the eye to rest, while faux plants brought a little bit of the outdoors in.

7620 Prairie

Teaming up with Tyler Lucht from Team Lucht, this property went through a major overhaul before ever hitting the marketing. The result? An offer within 8 hours of listing! Tyler and his team worked hard on updating and fixing the home to be market ready. Then our team came in and built off of what he had started. Large light colored neutral pieces allowed smaller “natural” colored (blues, greens, yellows) pieces to stand out. The front living room (pictured above) was the perfect location to use our matching sofa and accent chair combo. The similar pieces united the space while still allowing for a visual separation.

Velocity 101

This East Village apartment complex by Hubbell is close to downtown Des Moines and needed to grab the attention of tenants with an active lifestyle. Bold pops of pink, mixed metal accents, as well as fun patterns and textures come together to form a “fun and funky” design as requested. Pictures brought in interest, with furniture placement showing in person tours the true functionality of the spaces.

Aventura 220

A 55+ condo with a luxurious interior. Aventura features several units with large open concept plans. This unit in particular had an overly spacious Kitchen, Living, Dining, and Sunroom in an open concept with an office showcasing glass french doors opening up into the Living space. Buyers needed easy flow from one space to the next while still show the true potential of each space individually, and together. In the living space, we were able to continue the space to emphasize the length of the room with an additional large ottoman. From a furniture stand point the rooms were filled without being too full, but visually open with lower heights as to not block the ease of traffic patterns from room to room.

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