In Honor of Valentine’s Day, Here’s EED’s Projects We LOVED Most from 2022!

With Valentine’s Day this upcoming week, we want to take a moment to reflect on the projects we LOVED most in 2022. We design lots of projects every year and love working with all of our clients, so picking a favorite requires some real reflection. So, take a break from the candy hearts, date nights, boxes of chocolates, and corny Valentine’s day puns this week to read Jodi, Katie and Ashtyn’s favorite designs from 2022. Plus, get a sneak peak into our design process from concepts, selections and renderings, to finished photos!

“Oh my goodness there were so many projects completed in 2022 to just choose one! This Johnston, IA refresh was such a fun project to design. It was my first project where a client approved EVERYTHING! Everything from finishes to furniture to accessories. Our client was completely open to mixing in some fun colors and patterns with other textures and materials, which I think really resulted in a fun feature front-sitting room that is still comfortable and inviting.”

– Katie Smithart

“My favorite project in 2022 was a 3-story new construction AirB&B in Sandestin, FL.  It was a great challenge to assist our clients in creating timeless spaces that both they and their guests will enjoy for years to come. We were able to assist with some finish selections and then create mood boards and shopping lists for the entire home for the furnishings to make sure it was picture-perfect for them and their guests to enjoy!”

-Jodi Peterman

“A project I loved from 2022 was the Show Home! It was an awesome experience for me to get to help design and lead the install of our staging. I worked on that project for over 6 months and was so in love with the outcome. Everyone on the team came together to make this project a dream and I feel so lucky.”

-Ashtyn Chance

As you can see, 2022 was a great year for us and our design projects. We are so fortunate to get to do something we love on a daily basis. Seeing our projects come to fruition, just like the ones above, is such a rewarding feeling. Did you like this blog getting to know our projects? If so, then check out A Look at Our 5 Top Favorite Primary Bedroom Stagings! Or Best of the Best! A Recap of our Favorite 2021 Interior Design Projects.

Have a wonderful week everyone! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day… whether you are spending it with someone special, friends, or even yourself – do something to make V-Day 2023 a memorable one!

EED Designer,

Marah Schmitz