Sold in 15 Days – A Custom Luxury Home Staging Design

Another day, another luxury staging sold. This property had an accepted offer in less than 15 days on market! Steve reached out to us back in January about a listing that he had that would be going on the market near the end of February/beginning of March. Originally when we found out that the home would be occupied we unfortunately had to pass on a physical staging and rather explained how our verbal consultations worked for occupied homes. After further discussion and a more in depth phone call later, we had found the perfect solution, a mix of both our verbal consultation and vacant home staging services. 

The main level was where the family spent majority of their time, therefore it also contained most of our client’s furniture. Here is were we utilized our verbal consultation. We did a full walk through of the property with the homeowner and Steve before any items were brought in. As we do during most of our consultations, we made recommendations on what could be done to showcase the home in the best light, as well as highlight the homes grand features. The homeowner was super attentive and quick to implement our recommendations! By the end of the consultation we had a nice list for her to tackle before we came back for the second half, with our vacant staging inventory pieces.

Fast forward a couple weeks and we are back at the house again! This time with our staging team, movers, and furniture in tow. Together, Steve and our team had decided on one of our after consultation services for the main level – a smaller package accessory staging. This way majority of her furniture could remain in place, with a few minor tweaks. Whereas in the basement, the main open space was cleared to bring in our luxury staging inventory pieces. This is where the staging design shined. We transformed the space from a leftover furniture collector to a fully furnished kids retreat. There was a space for games, reading, movies, homework, storage, etc. One small feature you might not realize is the over dramatized bar cart in front of the large floor mirror. That wall was actually plumbed for a bar, but the project was just never completed. After learning this detail, we thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to bring in some drinks to show how adding in a bar would enhance the overall use of the space.  

Keep in mind that all of these photos are taken with just the camera on our iPhone. Check out the actual listing photos here to see all the space this listing has! Psst, its a lot! If you enjoyed this little glimpse into just one of our recent stagings than you will LOVE previous blogs like Top 5 Living Rooms – Our Staging Favorites and Katie’s Corner – Staging From All Four Corner. Have a topic you want us to discuss further? Shoot us a message or email and let us know! Don’t forget to check back for new Katie’s Corner blogs here to stay up to date with all of the latest home staging tips and tricks. You can also always reach us at 515-986-1895 or if you need more info!

Until next time!