Top Five Survival Tips for Living In Your EED Staged Home

Hello everyone and welcome back to another installation of our EED luxury staging blogs! Today we are discussing our top 5 survival guide tips for living in your home while it’s staged. Living in and occupying your home while it is on the market can be difficult – finding balance between selling your home efficiently and still enjoying the space and your home while you have it. 

1. First and foremost – LOCK IN STORAGE SPACE.

The first thing you need an abundance of is storage – whether it be your garage, a rented storage unit, a friend’s shed, we don’t care – you just need to secure a good amount of storage space as you declutter your home.

2. Leave untouched spaces for the time being.

If you don’t need to use your staged formal dining room, leave it untouched. The same goes for a den, office, or workout room. If you can avoid using certain staged spaces, do it! It will leave them looking how our stagers left them and give you fewer spaces to tidy up on showing days!

3. Find a home for everything.

When we say everything, we mean it! Find a home or designated space for EVERYTHING you are keeping in your staged home. This will make your home feel purposeful – but remember people will open closets and cabinets, so try not to stuff these places to the brim with extra clutter.

4. Clean often.

This might go without saying, but the period in which you are trying to sell your home is when your home should be consistently clean. Make sure all surfaces are cleared and cleaned, things are put away, beds are made, and don’t forget to mask any lingering smells you may have from dinner or pets! Remember your house only gets one first impression, and do everything you can to ensure that impression is good!

5. Schedule yourself with fun plans on showing days.

Nothing is worse than leaving your house on a showing day with nowhere to be. Make fun plans on your showing days to get your mind off things. This tip can be especially helpful if you are nervous or reluctant to sell your home. Leave your home and trust in the hands of your realtor and get your nails done, go out to lunch, or meet up with a friend!

Interested in learning more about home staging? Refer back to one of our previous blogs, Our Top 10 Frequently Asked Luxury Home Staging Questions. About to have EED stage your home? Give The Checklist You Need To Get Your Property Luxury Staging Ready a quick read. Have more questions about our luxury home staging services or interior design? Feel free to contact us at or call us at 515-986-1895.